“Strangely Setting The Standard”

Who is Strange Leaf?

It seems this name has been seen throughout the cannabis community.  I met with Melissa Strange the social butterfly responsible for two meet and greets, meet Leafly and is currently working on a patient drive.

She responded with, “Strange Leaf is a family a sister, a brother and a best friend all born and raised in Oklahoma. Melissa is the social butterfly, Jeff is a product guy and Ashley is the compliance queen that keeps us all in check.”

I was curious about what brought them together and what their goal as a business was.

“If the three of us were not in this journey together, we would not be able to make Strange Leaf happen, we all work together, and all teach each other new things every single day. We had a dream, we put into action like so many other Oklahomans.


We’ve all had people in our lives that have or can live a longer, much happier life with legal cannabis laws. We all have very different things that we are good at, but have one thing in common, we wanted to learn more, and we wanted to help as many people as we could in any way we could.”

One of the things that she had to overcome was a stigma created by the opposition. I asked Melissa what she believed the solution was to helping people open to the idea. Her response was one I could really stand behind. She said:

“Everyday normal people can and will make a difference in the way marijuana is viewed in Oklahoma. 


What helped us get into a medical mindset vs. recreational was we all know someone who has been directly affected by an illness or condition and it’s possible cannabis can help.”

Melissa tells me their father is currently battling stage 3 NSC lung cancer and she has had cervical cancer and knows personally how much help medicinal marijuana can help with multiple illnesses and conditions.”

Is Strange Leaf afraid of what regulations are to come being a frontrunner in opening the doors to a new industry?

Melissa says, “I believe I am the most fearless of the three when it comes to changes concerning laws and regulations. They are going to happen, we know this and all we can do is wait and see what happens next and jump the next hurtle that comes our way.”

I asked Melissa if she had a favorite strain, she says, “Right now I am in love with almost anything lemon, but lemon haze just makes me smile and melts my stress away. It’s so smooth and refreshing. With most things ask me in a week and I’ll be raving about something else.”

When Melissa organized both meet and greets that are free of charge, she managed to unite not only those directly affiliated with the cannabis industry but businesses to accommodate a new market. People in the industry can meet advocates, attorneys, CPA’s, and Canna insurance companies.

“…lemon haze just makes me smile and melts my stress away.”

She’s always inviting businesses that want to speak or share information with the cannabis community she has met so many like minded people in the community that she wanted to keep it going.

Currently Strange Leaf and Guerilla Grow have teamed up with Leafly to bring you, “Oklahoma Meet Leafly.” Strange Leaf has donated fees for free recommendations and is hosting a patient drive in order to help patients get free recommendations.

The staff is knowledgeable you always know you’re going to get your questions answered if not by the staff by a network of people connected because of networking events like theirs.

Strange Leaf is setting the standard by dedicating their time and effort to building up the cannabis community, educating the public and their efforts in assisting patients.

— Teresa G

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